10 Things to Know About Versace′s Spring 2016
Who runs the world? Donatella Versace′s girls, as proved by the army of miniskirt-clad and animal print-wearing women she sent out for Spring 2016. Get all the details of the celebrity-filled affair here.1. She might have a thing for hip-hop stars, but Donatella Versace′s soundtrack this season was a dance beat with a spoken-word track that kicked off with the proclamation: This song is dedicated to women everywhere regardless of color, religion, sexuality, or what sex they were born with.2. Versace muses Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum sat front row alongside Gigi Hadid paramour Joe Jonas.Who i..
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iPhone 6s - The only thing that′s changed is everything.
Big screens won.For the past three years, the most meaningful change to the iPhone has been the size of its screen. After years of sticking with a 3.5-inch display and watching Android-powered competitors bite off a piece of the market with ever-larger screens, Apple relented ever-so-slightly with the 4-inch iPhone 5 and 5S, and then finally gave in to obvious trends with the much larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and massive 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.Big screens are all people really wanted in a phone; when they couldn′t get big screens from Apple, they bought big screens from Samsung, and when Apple fin..
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Bathroom Ideas  The Ultimate Design Resource Guide
Bathrooms are one of the most popular and commonly remodeled rooms in the home. And since they are a high traffic space (and one where updates are noticeable), doing so can have a significant effect on resale value.When starting a bathroom remodeling project think about utility as well as design. Bathrooms are often difficult jobs because multiple components must be arranged to fit and function in a small space. There′s also multiple water elements so doing the project correctly, from plumbing to ventilation, is imperative.WallsTile is frequently used in bathrooms for many reasons. It′s aes..
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This Was the Summer of Dr. Scholl′s
Fall may have crested the horizon, but those of us still immersed in sultry climates continue to have summer on the brain: specifically, well-ventilated footwear options for the slow slide into the new season. And while June through August typically brings with it all types of lighthearted footwear-from gladiator sandals to open-weave huaraches, moccasins and brogues, raffia-crested strappy sandals and rhinestone-emblazoned shower slides, flip-flops and block-heeled pumps and beyond-for those less inclined toward light and dainty than to heavy and happening, this summer also brought an old rel..
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