iPhone 6s - The only thing that′s changed is everything.

Big screens won.For the past three years, the most meaningful change to the iPhone has been the size of its screen. After years of sticking with a 3.5-inch display and watching Android-powered competitors bite off a piece of the market with ever-larger screens, Apple relented ever-so-slightly with the 4-inch iPhone 5 and 5S, and then finally gave in to obvious trends with the much larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and massive 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.Big screens are all people really wanted in a phone; when they couldn′t get big screens from Apple, they bought big screens from Samsung, and when Apple finally put out big screens, Samsung′s sales tanked.So now we have an iPhone with a big screen, with skyrocketing sales. There′s no obvious reason to make it better; almost every major competitor has actually put out multiple high-end phones this year in an effort to compete and it still hasn′t been enough. What′s Apple′s next move?Turns out that the answer isn′t a taller or wider display - it′s a deeper one.

That extra weight comes from 3D Touch, which is the highlight feature of the iPhone 6S. 3D Touch makes the iPhone screen pressure-sensitive, literally adding a new layer of interactions and information to iOS. The iPhone 6S is the third major Apple product line to gain pressure-sensitive touch after the Apple Watch and MacBooks introduced Force Touch, and it is by far the most successful at integrating the feature into the natural flow of the interface.

The only other changes to the iPhone 6S really and truly worth discussing in detail are the cameras. I′ve been interested in switching to Android for the better part of a year now, but there isn′t a single Android phone that consistently takes great photos the way the iPhone does. Some take great photos - the Galaxy S6 and Note 6, LG G4, and Sony Xperia Z4 all have excellent cameras - but it′s the consistency that matters. The iPhone takes excellent, realistic photos in virtually every situation, and no other phone comes close.

So the new cameras on the iPhone 6S - a new 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 12-megapixel unit on the rear - are a big deal.

Apple′s also taken a great idea from Snapchat and improved it with a feature called Retina Flash: the entire screen blinks white when you take a selfie in low light, serving as a makeshift flash. Apple says it′s tuned the screen backlight to go three times brighter than normal when it′s flashing in this way, and it even looks at the color temperature of the scene to color-correct the screen flash in the same way the two-color LED flash on the rear of the phone works. It′s neat, and it works well. You will be the monster taking selfies with a flashing white screen in the bar, but you′ll be the monster with usable pictures the next day.

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OprahWinffrey On 30.09.2015
Simply the best smartphone in the market. The most complete and compelling phone that has ever been designed. I really love how the hardware and the software work in total unison to create the best smartphone experience around. I recently bought an S6 and I loved it, but this new iPhone is even more amazing!!! Reply to this comment
kuldeepthecreep On 30.09.2015
@more111 @oprahwinffrey is simply stating an opinion and you assume it's stupidity. The same passion that you display in calling people stupid or blind is exactly the same passion that keeps people from choosing Apple products - but which one is more positive?
more111 On 30.09.2015
@OprahWinffrey you got to be dreaming the sumsung s6edge out do it in every category posiable you are simply another blind follower of apple crap...
Europodboy On 30.09.2015
And once again, All Android Phones look old, lacklustre, lagging and old-fashioned by comparison. Reply to this comment
A_Marcus_Young On 30.09.2015
Go to the store and compare the IPhone 6s with the Note 5. There is absolutely no comparison. The Note 5 wins.
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