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Even though I rolled with the occasional box of Annie’s White Cheddar Shells back in college, boxed macaroni and cheese has never been my thing. If I was going to have mac, I was going to have the good stuff. Fresh out of the oven, covered in real cheese…yep. I could get with that.

I have a long history of making mac and cheese. Back in my far less healthy teenage days, my mom asked me to help her make a batch of mac and cheese for an upcoming church function. I borrowed a recipe from a family friend, put my own spin on it, and it was pretty delightful. No joke – at church everyone loved it, and from there on out it was requested at every family function/holiday/special Sunday dinner thereafter. The only issue…it was pretty horrible nutrition-wise 

My 16 year old self definitely didn’t know/care much about nutrition. 3/4 cup of butter? Sure! 5 cups of cheese? Sounds good! Scary orange processed cheese-like product? You bet! Thankfully my now 25 year old self is not only more health-conscious and educated, but I’m also a much better cook. After some trial and error, I finally perfected a mac and cheese recipe that rivals my old version – but is much healthier.

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