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I can’t believe we are already talking about holiday style, but here we are and I’m not gonna lie this sequin pencil skirt makes it a little easier. It really is the perfect piece for the holidays because you can style it super glam or a bit laid back.

I paired it with ankle boots and a big sweater for an edgy-chic look, not to mention it’s comfortable! And I kept the ensemble neutral with grays and blacks since the skirt is such a statement. The sequins shine in blue, pink, purple and even green hues and they are so pretty and festive.

Craig chose this neutral light gray button down and flannel trousers  with leather boots for a relaxed but polished vibe.”If we were going to something a bit more dressy he would swap out his boots for a more dressed up version and I would rock a pair of pumps.

Looking for the perfect holiday style & outfit for that plethora of upcoming holiday shindigs that are undoubtedly filling up your calendar for December?
Look no further – no matter what the occasion, we have chic looks decoded that will have everyone asking, “where did you get that?”

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