Harper Beckham Named Most Stylish Celebrity Kid

If Harper Beckham is already winning best dressed awards at two-years-old, we′d say she has a very promising fashion future ahead of her.Start-Rite shoes conducted a poll asking moms to vote for who they thought was the most stylish celebrity kid, and the results are in: Harper took top honors, beating out all her older brothers for the title.Harper′s 15-year old brother, Brooklyn Beckham was right behind her, coming in second place, and 11-year-old Romeo Beckham came in third. But don′t worry, Cruz Beckham, nine-years-old, also placed! He trailed his siblings just a bit, coming in sixth.

We′d say that′s a clean sweep for the Beckham family! But it′s really not surprising that everyone finds Harper so impeccably dressed, even at two-years-old. For one, she comes from a family that is so good-looking that just the sight of them makes our eyes hurt. Plus, Harper has sat front row at more fashion shows before her third birthday than most people will in their entire lives.Also, her older brothers already have impressive fashion careers. Brooklyn just made his modeling debut on the cover of Man About Town magazine, and Romeo has already been in a Burberry ad campaign.

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