Chris Pratt Clarifies Mens Health U K Revelation

Everyone can relax.Chris Pratt isn′t impotent.Pratt, superhero/man of our dreams/hunk, made headlines last week when he revealed to Men′s Health U.K. that he was "impotent" and "depressed" when he was overweight, tipping the scales at 300 pounds. But he has since sat down with Access Hollywood′s Liz Hernandez and revealed that he was a little confused by his own diction."I′m not sure I knew what ′impotent′ meant when I said it," he told her, laughing. "I had a lower sex drive, to be honest with you. Everything about my spirit was dull. I didn′t feel great, and I think people will relate to that."Although his "lower sex drive" is no laughing matter, the Jurassic World star did go on to explain that everything has improved since adopting a healthier lifestyle. "And I don′t want to ever come out against sounding like I′m talking smack about people who have issues with their body weight, or don′t have issues with their body weight."

"To each their own, but to those who felt the way I felt at that time, there′s really hope."To all those who are struggling, the Parks and Recreation alum promised there is light at the end of the tunnel."You can, with hard work and dedication and just sticking to it, you can actually make a big change," he said. "And it will affect you, not just physically, not just the way you look, but how you feel and how your spirit feels and how your penis feels

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